Green Kids

Teach Your Kids How to Go Green

Green Kids - photo from woodleywonderworks via FlickrEveryone in the family can help save energy – and not just by sitting on the couch! Your children can pitch in to save kilowatts and dollars by turning off TVs, stereos and lights when they leave a room; unplugging their cell-phone chargers when not in use; and not leaving the refrigerator open too long when they’re hunting for food.

Parents! — Get more power-saving ideas and green links below.  Show your kids these great online game sites, and get your whole family involved in eco-friendly practices and activities.  Check the Green Kids Posts for the most up-to-date information!

Teachers! — Check out the links below to find lesson plans and activities to get your classes involved today! Everyone can do their part!

Saving Electricity

energy-star-kids3EnergyStar Kids: Be an Energy Star!

This is a great interactive site for kids, with fun animation, where they can find out what they can do to help keep our planet healthy.  Energy Star Kids gives energy saving suggestions that children can do in there very own bedrooms!  Parents & Teachers have their own section that discusses lesson plans and home participation.

national-geographic-kids1Green Tips: Save Power (from Nat Geo Kids)

A comprehensive list of tips that National Geographic has put together to save power in your home.  Everyone in the house can follow these general rules, and everyone is encouraged to share these tips with family & friends!  Explore to find more games, videos, activities, and other green stories, tips, and discussions.

Online Games

These Web sites feature green-themed games that combine fun and learning:

national-geographic-gamesNat Geo Kids: Plan It Green

An interactive Sim game where kids can build the city of Greenville into the greenest city ever!  Explore the world of eco-construction while learning the basics of resource and money management in a fun environment.  Work your way up to build an entire city that is all planned and managed by you — houses, shops, industries…entire districts!

kaboose-gamesEarth Day Games (from Kaboose)

This is a great site that centers around activities geared towards Earth Day — April 22 — to get kids excited about green living.  Kids can both have fun, and learn about eco-friendly activities through games, puzzles, coloring pages, crafts and recipes

Tips for Parents

These Web sites contain pointers to help you raise your child in a safe, non-toxic environment.

planet-green-tips-for-parentsFind Non-Toxic Toys (from Planet Green)

A compilation of 8 short blog posts about green toys for kids and what you can do to preserve the environment and keep your kids safe.  Further reading includes articles on green products, buying guides, home tips, travel, technology and health.

green-guide-for-everyday-livingGreen Guide for Everyday Living – Kids

Informational site that can arm you with information to protect and educate every member in your family — from the unborn baby, to your college grad.  Various guides and articles highlight how to reduce environmental risks, safe toys, green shopping, and everything else green in today’s world.

Activities and Lesson Plans

Great for teachers and parents looking to get their kids involved!

green-hourGreen Hour: Nature, Play and Learning

Site for parents to discover what they can do with their kids to explore the world, reconnect with nature, and live a green lifestyle.  Featured here are pages of activity suggestions, parenting tips, discussions, green articles, and an active community blog.

audubon-naturalist-society-copyGreenKids Lesson Plans and Activities from Audubon

A local site for Educators and Parents alike that features a number of outlined lesson plans and activities to educate and get kids excited about green practices.  Get the latest on green news articles and campaigns, and see how you can join your community to support a green future!


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