Energy Audits

How long does it take?

Typically can take between 2-5 hours, depending on the testing and house type, and we usually average about 2-3 hours or so.

What's the preparation? What do I need to get ready for my energy audit?

We have generated an “Audit Prep Sheet” for our audit clientele. Click here to download. General requirements include:

  • Making easy access to all parts of the home (attic, crawlspaces, HVAC systems, etc)
  • Having no wood-burning fires lit 48-hours prior to diagnostic blower-door testing, and clean out ashes in the fireplace as needed
  • Having 12 or 24 months of utility bills ready for us or a copy to take with us.

How much does the Energy Audit cost?

Audits prices are:

Should I be concerned about opening my home for the auditor?

All of our auditors and project managers are respectful of your home and property. The up front audit testing is unobtrusive, and designed to allow our auditors to come to proper conclusions on how best to stage their recommendations.

Can a house be 'too tight'? Should the house 'breathe'?

Yes! A house that is too tight can have indoor air pollution, high allergens, and moisture problems — that’s why BPI has developed standards, and this is why a Calibrated Blower Door Test is so important! Standards say that a “healthy” home should exchange the air inside about 8.4 times each day.

If a home is too tight, there are mechanical venting solutions which can remedy that to avoid issues inside. HOWEVER, excess air-leakage drives a significant amount of energy loss by allowing conditioned air to pour out of the house at inconvenient times – and in turn this drives issues with comfort, drafts, indoor air-quality on top of the energy concerns!

Will everyone need to be out of the house for the energy audit?

Certainly not. We will need doors/windows closed during the pressure testing, but otherwise you can go about your normal day. We do ask that if you have pets, that they be kept away so that our auditors can safely complete their testing with ease.

Do I need to be available during the entire audit?

It is best if you are there during the audit, and the most important time is at the end so that we can briefly go over our findings, or issues, before delivering the report. We will also need about 15 minutes of your time at the beginning to show us around and bring up any known questions or issues.

If you do need to leave during the audit, that is acceptable, but then we won’t get to show off our cool testing in action! Adult supervision of minors or children is required, and we request the building be either vacant or have an adult of at least 18 years of age present throughout testing to supervise children or minors as needed.

What do I do after the audit?

At EDGE, we call the Home Energy Audit “Step 0,” yes that’s right Step ZERO, because you first must LEARN what steps to take and develop an engineered list of priorities, heating loads, balancing and pressure numbers, combustion safety data, etc to make this evaluation.

The audit tells you what to spend you money on and why, and when it comes time to replace a system – what technology is out there, how to shop, who to contact, and what types of fuels or sized systems you should be exploring. You need to move forward and make changes to your home to reduce bills and fix comfort issues.

Does EDGE Energy do the work after the audit? Weatherization? Solar?

Along with our audit, we submit a recommended work scope which can be custom-fit to your needs, timing, and budget. Typical suggestions are air-sealing and insulation, and EDGE can also provide Heating/Cooling/Ventilation upgrades as well as sleek new renewable energy systems like Solar or Wind!

Do your guys do the work?

At our Company, we employ our own staff and technicians. We believe in creating jobs and training employees to do the best and most effective job possible. We practice on going training for technicians and our guys are capable of performing a wide variety of construction projects in your home from air-sealing attics and crawlspaces to bolting solar panels onto your roof.

Our weatherization crews are certified through BPI and state weatherization agency programs (MD Dept of Housing – DHCD aka CETEC) for retrofit / energy / weatherization tactics. EDGE Energy has a specially trained workforce and has weatherized over 1,500 homes since 2007 and over 40 solar systems spread across MD, VA, and DC. Check out our pages on weatherization to see our crews’ in action.


What is weatherization?

Basically it’s the idea of creating a complete air-barrier on all sides of your home’s 3-dimensional building envelope and adding insulation along the way. Insulation, by itself, does not work without an effective air-barrier. Together, these systems create a tight, well-insulated home. Weatherization also includes highly cost-effective baseload fixes for the HVAC system, lighting, and other home systems to shave energy. If the suggested retrofit / energy upgrade pays itself back in under 10-years, it usually makes its way onto a weatherization proposal.

How much does it cost? How long does it take? What's it like?

Typically our jobs take 2-3 days, and range from $2,000 – $15,000 depending on how much work is being done. Our work scopes vary a lot though from weatherization, to painting, to HVAC and duct systems, to renewable energy… so each job is custom for wha the home needs. We typically work in teams of 3-6 technicians.

Most of the time our crew will be focused in one work area (i.e. an attic or crawlspace) with our staging areas setup in the hallways or near the hatches. There is typically light foot-traffic through the front or garage doors, and we put down runners and drop clothes and hang plastic dust barriers to protect your home and protect belongings. Those will be up during working hours usually (8am – 4pm)

How much do I save?

Each home is different — that’s why you need an Energy Audit! Typically our homeowners are saving 15-35% on energy bills after basic weatherization and baseload measures. “Net-zero” or “Net-positive” is certainly achievable with Solar and renewable systems..

Are there any rebates or financial incentives? IRS Tax Credits?

Please see www.dsireusa.org for up-to-date rebates in your area.


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